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April 2014 Update

2014 April 29
by Isaac Peloquin

Well then.  It has clearly been a while since I posted.  How about that?

Life lull over.

Here are the past three trips that I’ve take in 2014.  The gallery is mashed together, but I think you you be able to figure out the location easily.

London, UK – January 2014

Just a quick trip to London.  I had two friends from the Minneapolis area that were going to be out there at the same time.  I thought it would be awesome to join.  I started the morning early in Fargo, flew to Minneapolis, then to New York JFK (where is didn’t have much connect time), then to London Heathrow airport.  I figured my way around and eventually met Nate at the East Croyden station.

As someone that does not do well with jet lag, the first day was tough.  After meeting Nate that the train station, we went to his parents house and I spent the rest of the day in and out of consciousness.  Kate joined us the next day. It was a great time of seeing the sights, meeting new people and relaxing.

After four days, I had to head home.  I’d say that I’d go again.

Maui, Hawaii – March 2014

The trip started off with a Delta departure from Fargo to Salt Lake City.  After I hit Salt Lake, I took Southwest to Las Vegas.  I had some good hang out time with Nate and Emily.  It’s always nice to see those two.

Then is was off to Maui.  I hopped a morning flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, then on to Maui.  This is the third time to Maui.  Still love it.  I got to hang out with Liz and Preston for a few days.

May favorite part of the trips are always the hiking, especially in the forested areas.  The smell of fresh rain and ripe fruit can not be beat…. especially when you get to eat the fruit.  We also hit the beach and did some swimming in the ocean.  And, of course, the sunsets.

Seattle, Washington – April 2014

This was a whirlwind of a trip.  I was there for almost two days, and was busy almost all of it.  The McCoys picked me up from the airport and had lunch.  After that, they showed me their place and continued to Point Defiance Park.  After that, we met up with Tiffany and Chad at the soda and ice cream shop in Ruston, WA.

Tiffany, Chad and I continued to Snoqualmie Falls.  This was a fun place just to hang out.  We went off the path and joined others near the base of the falls.

The next day, we went to the Roosengaarde tulip fields in Mt. Vernon, WA.  There are fields upon fields of tulips there.  In addition to the fields, there were gardens with organized displays.  Enjoyable.  Next, we went to the Ballard Locks.  We observed the locks in action, tried to find some fish in the fish ladder and checked out the botanical garden adjacent to the locks.  After that, we started making our way to downtown Seattle.  We stopped at Gas Works Park to see the city from across the bay, then on to the Space Needle, and lastly Pikes Place Market.  The market was pretty much shut down, but we had no waiting for coffee at the first Starbucks.

Then a red-eye fight to Minneapolis and home to Fargo.  Those are tough, but totally worth it to spend a little extra time where you are going.

Until next time.


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