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Las Vegas – May 2011

2011 June 1
by Isaac Peloquin

Another quick trip to Las Vegas.  I went down to see Nate one last time before he left Vegas and married his love.  We spent a lot of the time preparing his stuff for moving back to North Dakota for the summer, but we did get a little trip in to St. George, Utah.  So Nate, Fred, John and I hopped in Nate’s Scion and started driving.  It took us a couple of hours to get there, but was worth every minute of driving.  We started shooting photos just outside of St. George by a volcano cone which we proceeded to climb.  Little did we know that it was the largest one in the area, and the soil was loose volcanic rock.  Needless to say, it was a hard trek in the hot desert sun.  Good thing we had our water with us.  The first seven photos are from this area.  It was a challenge and it was a good time.  The seventh photo shows that the way down wasn’t easy either.

Our second stop was Snow Canyon State Park.  The rest of the photos are from this area.  It was a relaxing time as there wasn’t very many other people out there and it was near sunset.  If you get off the road a little bit, there are photo gems everywhere.  We enjoyed the sunset, a rain shower in the distance and a wonderfully nice day.  Enjoy the photos and visit if you have a chance.

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