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Maui, Hawaii – February 2011

2011 February 27
by Isaac Peloquin

Hawaii.  Seriously one of the most beautiful places on earth.  I had a few more days to stay this time.  5 days of hanging out at the beach, snorkeling, watching amazing sunsets, hiking to waterfalls, and soaking in the sun.

While snorkeling I saw sea turtles, many fish and heard the whales calling out.  When you watch the video at the bottom of this post entitled “Sea Turtle!” make sure that you listen for the whales.  They shouldn’t be hard to hear.  There are also some photos of fish and the like.  So nice to swim in the ocean.

We also went on a short hike at Twin Falls after I bought my new Chaco sandals (about time huh?).  The rain was pouring down, but it was still enjoyable even though we were in out swim gear.

Through the lava field that was made in the ’60’s, there was a shallow pool that warmed in the sun and in the lava rock.  We found sea urchins, crab, fish and many other forms of life hanging out in the pool.  It was also another enjoyable swim.

Unfortunately it came to an end again and I went back home to Moorhead.  I am heading back in May though!  Enjoy the photos and videos.  Leave a comment if you like!



Snorkeling —

Hiking —



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