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Martin, South Dakota July 2010

2010 October 5
by Isaac Peloquin

Martin, South Dakota.  Sounds like a great place to go on vacation right?  Well, it wasn’t vacation.  I was asked by my home church to chaperone a youth trip to Martin for a Youthworks program.  We left from church in Crystal, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis) Sunday morning and made a b-line for Martin.  We arrived that evening and started the program.  Our particular program consisted of three parts.  The first part was a program for the youth that the Youthworks staff provided.  Part two was service projects.  We painted houses in the community in cooperation with an Indian community organization or painted a mural with residents in the city.  The third part was to help facilitate afternoon activities for the children of the community and visit the nursing home.  If you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask.

On the way home we stopped at Wind Cave National Park.  We toured the cave after arriving late for our scheduled time.  After the park we started driving back home.  We arrived back at almost four in the morning.  Great trip!

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