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Atlanta and Winona April 2010

2010 April 30
by Isaac Peloquin

Well, a few and far between it seems.  Not a whole lot of flying for fun these days it seems.  Winter got the best of me this year.

I got the opportunity to go to Atlanta, GA for almost a week to do some training.  Andy from work and I had training during the day and time to go out and play at night…. the only problem was that we were tired the whole time.  The training part was interesting because we got to sit in simulators and in actual airplanes that I would never see at home.  While down there we saw
Delta Hanger 1 which is the history museum of Delta.  Interesting.  We attended an Atlanta Braves game. It was ok.  Saw downtown Atlanta and Olympic Park. The park was nice.

Not a whole lot to talk about.  See the photos below the next part.

I went down to the cities and flew in my friend Preston’s plane with Liz down to Winona, MN to spend some time at a cabin.  The sky was turbulent on the way down there.  The flight only lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes, but it seemed like an eternity from the back of that Cessna 172.  I am glad that I provided some puke bags thats for sure.  On the way back we had some phenomenal scenery.  We rode on the front of the storm system and took in the views that you see below.  It was much better sitting in the front seat.  Enjoy!

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